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Virgil Gassoway DDS, Top Rated Dentist in Chesterton, IN 46304

One of the best ways to ensure excellent oral health for your loved ones and yourself is by getting the best dentist in Chesterton, IN, to provide both professional care and patient education on proper prevention techniques and ideal lifestyle choices.

During your first, Dr. Virgil Gassoway recommends a comprehensive dental examination. These exams are different from regular dental checkups. They involve a thorough and complete assessment of the current state of your mouth and oral cavity. Because they are so detailed, comprehensive exams are done less frequently than simple dental checkups, usually on your first visit with a new dentist, and at a 1 to 3 year interval depending on the state of your mouth and risk for certain conditions/diseases as determines on your last exam.

A comprehensive dental exam with Dr. Gassoway

Before the dental exam begins, Dr. Gassoway will educate you on the importance and processes involved. It involves:

1. Detailed health history review The first step is to obtain your dental and medical history, as some conditions and treatments can affect your oral health and the dental treatments you qualify for. You will discuss any past and current health issues, medications, background, risk factors, and even your diet.

2. Head and neck exam Dr. Gassoway will feel your neck to check for any suspicious lumps or enlarged lymph nodes that could be cancerous, and then assess the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) for any bite and jaw problems or any other abnormalities.

3. Oral soft tissue exam An assessment of your intraoral soft tissues involves checking every area of your mouth, including the lips, cheeks, all sides of the tongue, under the tongue, the roof of the mouth, the back of the mouth, and the tonsil and throat area. By simply checking your tonsils, Dr. Gassoway can solve your bad breath problems caused by tonsillololith, or identify a disease that your body has been fighting off. This exam can also help to identify early signs of oral cancer.

4. Assessment of your gum health Besides assessing the color and condition of your gums, Dr. Gassoway does something called periodontal probing, which involves sticking a small instrument between the teeth and gums to measure the distance between the top of the gums and where they meet the teeth to determine their health. If it is too deep, it could indicate periodontal disease, which can be treated through deep dental cleaning – scaling and root planing.

A thorough dental exam can help to identify any looming dental problems before they become painful emergencies that require costly treatments. If you have any concerns about your dental health, please contact Dr. Virgil Gassoway to schedule an appointment.